Let us create your custom jewelry

From pendants, to rings, and everything inbetween Lirys Jewelry is your one stop shop for custom jewelry. Let our team of experts help bring your idea to life!

Our Process

Your Idea, Our Expertise:

We start with your idea, whether it's a perfect ring, a dream pendant, or any other jewelry piece. Our team of skilled jewelers and designers is here to listen and understand your vision.

Crafting Your Unique Piece:

Once the design is perfect, we move on to the crafting phase. Our skilled craftsmen and women use the latest techniques and the finest materials to create your custom jewelry. We take great care to ensure every detail is just as you imagined.

Guided Every Step of the Way:

We understand that not everyone is a jewelry expert, and that's perfectly okay! We take the time to explain the entire custom jewelry process in a way that's easy to understand. We'll answer your questions and provide guidance at every stage.

Hand in Hand with You:

Throughout the entire process, we work closely with you, making sure your input and preferences are at the forefront. We want this piece to be a reflection of your unique style and personality.

Creating 3D Designs and Molds:

Our talented designers use advanced technology to create intricate 3D designs of your jewelry. This allows you to see a digital representation of your piece before it's even made. We'll make adjustments until you're completely satisfied.

How does it work?


Send us your ideas

Get a rough estimate

Pay your custom invoice

Graphic Design & Rendering Created

Changes to design

Recieve a 3D resin mold of your design


Estimated Time Frame

1 Day

2-4 Days

1 Day

7 Days

As many days as needed

7 Days

4-5 weeks

How does it work?

Steps & Estimated Time Frame

Send us your ideas | 1 Day

Get a rough estimate | 2-4 Days

Pay your custom invoice | 1 Day

Graphic Rendering/Design made | 7 Days

Changes to design | As many days as needed

Recieve a 3D resin mold of your design | 7 Days

Production | 4-5 Weeks

At Lirys Jewelry, we're passionate about helping you turn your jewelry dreams into a reality. Whether it's a symbol of your love, a statement of your individuality, or a special gift, we're here to make it happen. Your dream jewelry piece is just a few steps away. Contact us today and let's create something amazing, together.

Just a few of our previous custom pieces


Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a custom piece.

No Refunds/Returns

Custom work is custom, it's a piece for you. Because of that, we cannot offer returns, exchanges, or refunds on custom work. Once you approve the design and production begins there are abosultely no refunds issued.


Custom work is expensive, be prepared to spend more than you would on an instock piece sitting in a show room. Most custom work will not be less than $1,000.

Get inspired

The more pieces you can look at and send us as examples the better. Background from one piece, the star in this piece, the bezel of this piece. We can take that and put it all together.


Custom work is a process, the average custom piece takes between 6-8 weeks if no changes are made to the design.

Size and budget go together

The bigger the piece, the higher the budget. If the price is too high, the only way to go lower is to get smaller or lighter.

Custom Design & Rendering Deposit

Sold out

This $500 payment will be used towards your custom piece. This fee will cover the design and consultation stage. Custom pieces are a minimum of $1,000, please be aware most pieces will be a higher price than that. This fee is applied towards your final balance. 

Please be aware this is a non refundable fee. If you decide to not move forward with your custom piece, this fee will not be refunded.

contact us

In order to recieve help with pricing, please purchase the Custom Design & Rendering Deposit above.

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Please allow 24hrs for a response. If you would like immediate help you can contact us at


Our team of specialists are available to assist with answering questions regarding our custom jewelry.

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