Here at Liry’s jewelry we strive for the very best jewelry repair services that we can provide. We have our Master jeweler onsite everyday for your convenience. Our master jeweler can do practically any job that you would desire. If one would like to design any type of custom work we can do that. If one would need a simple solder, ring sizing, diamond mounting or diamond replacement we can do that as well. We make your dream a reality.

If your watch has stopped working and one does not know why bring it in today to have one of our watch smith take a look at the watch and give you a free diagnostic of what is wrong with the watch. We can service any watch from the most affordable brand to the best brands including but nor limited to Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet IWC, Breitling any watch one has we can fix.

Custom Miami cuban links if one has been looking for that perfect chain or bracelet come in today and we will get your order started. All of our chains are made from plumb gold meaning it starts out as 24kt and they bring it down to the specified karat any cuban link or chain one desire we can acquire.

We also have xray testing services to provide you with the most accurate karat reading of your precious metal.