Warranty / Guarantee

Liry’s Jewelry guarantees that all of our merchandise IS 100% GUARANTEED. We provide a lifetime guarantee on the karat of any items. When one purchases jewelry from Liry’s, all items have a one year warranty on breakage. We will solder the jewelry that was purchased at no charge. We also clean the piece for a year at no charge. 

All solid chains and bracelets qualify for an upgrade without your original chain or bracelet being devalued as long as the chain or bracelet is upgraded at least 15 grams or more in the same or a higher karat (Cuban Links require a 50 gram upgrade) within 6 months the chain and bracelet will keep the value you paid for it after the 6 months the chain and bracelet starts to devalue at 10% a month until it is at 90% of scrap value.

If you have any questions give us a call at (813) 888-8590 or send us an email at lirysjewelry@gmail.com.